Boutique Guest House

Taupaki Sleep Out in Native Bush: Discover the perfect hidden oasis amidst the native bush. Our latest project in Taupaki is a secluded Guest House that offers a unique blend of nature and comfort.

34B Rawhiti

Rawhiti Residential New Build: We’re excited to present our latest residential project in Rawhiti, featuring contemporary design and superior craftsmanship to create a comfortable and modern home.

Onemana House

Onemana Coastal Paradise: Our team is proud to have constructed a new coastal residential property in Onemana, where the beauty of the coastline is seamlessly integrated into the design.

Shiloh Way, Greenhithe

Shiloh Way Residential New Build: We are delighted to showcase our latest residential project on Shiloh Way, exemplifying modern design and quality craftsmanship.

Dickens Street Full Renovation

Dickens Street Full Renovation: We embarked on the construction of a full renovation residential property on Dickens Street, delivering a modern and comfortable living space.

12 Marine Terrace

Marine Terrace Extensive Renovation: Witness the transformation of Marine Terrace through our comprehensive renovation project, breathing new life into this remarkable space.