Electrician vs Electrical Engineer


You would be forgiven for thinking that electricians and electrical engineers do the same thing, give or take. After all, they both work with electricity and electrical products. There is, however, many differences between the two professionals that you should understand. 


Both roles require extensive training to amass a deep understanding in their particular field. Both electricians and electrical engineers must be qualified to do their job.  


Electrician: What they do


A big part of an electricians job is to run electrical wiring to connect homes and various parts of the house. They are experts in installing and repairing electrical systems and problem solving issues with electrical equipment that isn’t operating as it should. An electrician is a hands-on role in which they will visit commercial and residential properties to complete a host of tasks. 


Electrical Engineer: What they do


An electrical engineer is less hands-on, using computer-aided design software to create and manage electrical product design plans. They create design drawings that electricians can use as instructions for installing and operating an electrical system. They also evaluate customer response to products, evaluate and adapt products to improve them, monitor product production, and ensure products function properly. To be an electrical engineer you needs technical skills, including circuit design, advanced mathematics, linear systems, electrical schematics, and analysis. An electrician also needs technical knowledge but needs to know more basic electrical information about how systems work.


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