What does a residential electrician do?

What to Expect From a Residential Electrician Despite the importance of high-quality electrical work, it isn’t too often you hire an electrician, so when you do it is paramount that you hire a good one. Consider for a moment the amount of electricity you use each day, in the form of lighting, appliances, power outlets […]

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How To Babyproof Power Outlets | Helix Electrical

How To Babyproof Power Outlets   For parents raising babies in modern homes, it can bring with it a number of concerns. Baby proofing homes is an essential step in creating a safe home in order to protect your children from the dangers on everyday items. Water, gas and electricity are some of the areas […]

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What’s The Difference Between Electrician And Electrical Engineer

Electrician vs Electrical Engineer   You would be forgiven for thinking that electricians and electrical engineers do the same thing, give or take. After all, they both work with electricity and electrical products. There is, however, many differences between the two professionals that you should understand.    Both roles require extensive training to amass a […]

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How Much Does An Electrician Cost?

What does an electrician charge?   When you are looking for a trusted electrician to employ to complete a job in your home or commercial property you’ll want someone who first and foremost will do a great job and secondly you’ll want to know how much this will cost. Balancing quality with budget can be […]

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Learn more about rewiring your home

Does your home have annoying flickering lights or expensive power bills? You might want to consider rewiring your home. Replace your outdated or undersized electrical wiring to keep you safe and happy at home. If this is what your house needs, it is an important undertaking that requires planning and patience. Old and worn wiring […]

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Considerations when looking for an electrician

It isn’t easy to decide on contractors to undertake work on your commercial or residential buildings. You’ll want an electrician who is not only going to complete the job to the highest standards but also do so on time and to the budget agreed upon. What other considerations should you be looking out for when […]

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