What does a residential electrician do?

What to Expect From a Residential Electrician

Despite the importance of high-quality electrical work, it isn’t too often you hire an electrician, so when you do it is paramount that you hire a good one. Consider for a moment the amount of electricity you use each day, in the form of lighting, appliances, power outlets and the mass of wiring behind each. An electrical failure can be very disruptive, not to mention dangerous. How often do you service yours?


What Type of Work a Residential Electrician is Usually Involved In?

At Helix Electrical, we specialise in residential electrical work. A residential electrician is adept at working in family homes, apartments or flats to complete a range of tasks. From installing wiring to replacing old switches, here are some more examples of what residential electricians can help you with:


  • Inspect electrical components and check that everything is safe
  • Install wiring and lighting in your home
  • Repair electrical issues
  • Rewire your home
  • Install electrical appliances
  • Add dimmer switches to lights
  • Switching out lighting fixtures
  • Add new outlets
  • Integrate wiring
  • Maintenance and service


If you are planning a new build, get in touch with Helix Electrical early on in the project for us to plan and create all your electrical work for the house. We can install your main power system for the entire house and wire all the outlets and switches in the home, tailoring our approach around your bespoke electrical needs.


Qualified Residential Electricians Never Compromise on Safety

For safety and insurance purposes, it is advised to hire a professional for all residential electrical work, rather than attempting to do it yourself. If you don’t have the expertise you can cause more damage resulting in more expensive repairs. Our trained electricians have the qualifications and experience to undertake all work safely and efficiently. 


Do You Have a Job You Need a Qualified Electrician For?

If it’s electrical, we can help whether it’s installing a home cinema or air conditioning. We take each job as seriously as the next to provide faultless customer care and high-calibre work to provide solutions for all your problems. We pride ourselves on our no hidden tags guarantee so you can be confident we’ll deliver on our promise of schedule and budget. We plan well and deliver each time, without compromising on quality. 

Contact us today to put yourself in the safe hands of Helix Electrical for all your residential electrical needs.